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The Good Shepherd Community Churches

A Biblical, Living, Multiplying, Growing and
Transforming Body of Indian Christians

A Dynamic Church: Committed to the Indian Nation

Good Shepherd Community Church has grown in a fast and extraordinary manner and spans across the nation of India, with local churches in nearly every state.

The Good Shepherd Community Church (GSCC) movement is a fellowship of Indian Christians reaching out to the majority oppressed in India and to those looking to God in Jesus Christ for a spiritual relationship, for spiritual freedom, for personal and social righteousness, and for full empowerment as members of the body of Christ.

GSCC does not discriminate on the basis of caste, gender, occupation or ethnicity in fulfillment of the Galatian principles of being one in Christ where there is not Greek, Jew, slave or master.

GSCC affirms God’s plan for the Church which is the first fruit of the Kingdom of God on earth. Further, GSCC affirms that the Kingdom of God impacts all of life and that local Churches are the key to a lasting community transformation.

GSCC’s distinctives include:

  • Inclusive, not exclusive: Committed to the historic Christian faith.

  • Biblical: Committed to authority / inerrancy of scripture; focused on personal / social righteousness.

  • Ecumenical in spirit. Affirms the spiritual unity of the Church while acknowledging diversity.

  • Freedom in Christ: Emphasizes liberty in the Spirit.

  • Rational plus relational: Affirms that faith, reason and Christian community are compatible.

Every GSCC fellowship is involved not only in the spiritual aspect of transforming lives and communities, but also in activities that reach out in practical Christian love to meet tangible needs. GSCC pastors and members are involved in tutoring children, literacy classes, prison ministry, feeding programs, and other such transformational activities.

Bolstered by global partnerships with friends like Dayspring International, the church growth movement within India today through GSCC is growing more quickly than ever expected. 

Balance in Life – A GSCC Women’s Conference
Monday, 09 March 2009 10:14

GSCC Women's Conference

A group of GSCC women team members learn how to allow God to take control of their lives and help them live a balanced life.

New Church Buildings in North India
Friday, 27 February 2009 08:59

Four Good Shepherd Community Church (GSCC) congregations in North India began 2009 with rejoicing as they completed construction on new church buildings, largely funded from their own offerings. Church members are thrilled to have permanent places of worship.

The Story of Ramu
Friday, 13 February 2009 04:20

Ramu, a poverty-stricken Dalit learns about Christ because the local GSCC pastor chooses to serve him.

GSCC Building Dedicated
Monday, 09 February 2009 09:38

New Church BuildingOn January 28, 2009, a GSCC congregation in Andhra Pradesh dedicated their permanent church building.


Meet a GSCC Pastor

Pastor Vatambeti

Pastor Vatambeti works in Andhra Pradesh. He learned about God when he was almost ready to give up on life and commit suicide. After learning more about Jesus, Vatambeti decided to serve God. In 2004, he joined GSCC. He and his wife, Suman are involved in spiritual counselling and transformational activities in their community.